About the Pack

We are Cub Scout Pack 565 – based out of both Teravista Elementary and Caldwell Heights Elementary schools, however open to registration to any kids in First through Fifth grades.

We meet as a Pack (large group) once a month – usually the first Monday of every month – at Teravista Elementary in the cafeteria.

The scouts are also part of a Den (smaller group, broken out by age/grade level) which usually meet 1-2 times per month. The date and time of the meetings is discussed between and agreed upon by the families that are part of each Den, to ensure that the meetings work for the most people as possible.

The fees are $50 to start, plus the cost of a uniform (usually around $75 or so). The total annual cost is $200 per Scout, however the balance of the $150 can be covered in a number of ways including fundraising, volunteering, or direct payment of the delta.

Let us know here if we can provide you more information – we’d love to have you in the Pack 565 family!